49 Special edition 2002

Zehar #49

49 Special edition 2002

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BGM, in a moving future. Miren Eraso

Arteleku has just completed a restructuring of the architecture and interior layout.

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The Garden. Cecilia Andersson

One early evening last summer I took a seat in front of one of the new stages at Arteleku. It was a very good seat. It provided excellent views and whenever I wanted to, I could reach out and actually touch the characters currently performing on stage. A lazy wind played in the leaves of the newly planted trees behind me. These trees are planted in parallel straight lines and it became obvious that this arrangement is there to facilitate for the wind to easily find its tune in the trees. So this evening, not only was I facing the new stage, I was also accompanied by the new orchestra located in the garden behind Arteleku.

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The past weighs heavily. Miren Jaio

It is difficult to get scientists to see eye to eye on anything, but one thing they all agree on is that we shall never be able to journey to the past. A oneway trip to the future might be possible: they say one day we may be able to travel through space at incredible speeds, and after a year playing cards with the other crew members, return to Earth to find our great great grandson, now senile and locked up in a home. But, never, they say, will we be able to return to the past. It simply isn’t possible. The past is unrecoverable, it’s a fatal time.

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Shepherds and Computers. Kirmen Uribe

Variations on Literature and Fractals.

We stopped in Soria. I was a boy. We went to see the church of Santo Domingo in Soria. But my father didn’t go in. He stayed outside the church, talking to a man sitting in the porch. My father always used to say that rather than the churches themselves, he got more out of meeting the people who came to the church door. My mother, my brothers and I went in and when we came out, the two men were still talking. I found it strange to see my father in conversation with a man like that: I couldn’t help wondering what a fisherman and that old man who had only seen seas of wheat could find to talk about.

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