2008/07/02 - 2008/07/05 | Arteleku



2nd-5th July at Arteleku
Coordination: Beatriz Preciado

By going beyond the anti-porn/pro-porn feminist clash and following the work by Michel Foucault, Judith Butler & Linda Williams, this project explores pornography as one of the bio-political technologies of production and normalisation of the body, gender, sexuality and pleasure in post-industrial societies. This event takes post-pornography as a place where three political movements providing a cultural critique converge that are connected yet separate at the same time: feminism as a language and practice that extends the boundaries of the public sphere based on a critique of gender oppression the queer movement for dissident sexual minorities that is critical of the idea of heterosexuality as a norm and Punk as a practice that invents new inexpensive techniques of critical intervention (“do-it-yourself”, “become the media”), by calling on its incorrigible, rough, politically incorrect aspects.

One of the aims of this programme is revealing the practices and discourses that re-appropriate pornography as a device for producing dissident subjectivities that have emerged in feminist and queer cultures. We are interested in subaltern representations of pornography and their ability to function as critical dissident spaces in which sexual and gender identities can be redefined.

We have brought together here a wide variety of social actors, researchers, performers, activists, film directors and producers, porn actors and actresses, artists and musicians who, as heirs to feminist, punk and queer cultures are involved in the new production of audiovisual pleasure. This is all about creating networks to offer knowledge and visibility of post-pornographic production among different artists, activists and groups, by continuing to follow the lines of research, creative activity and political intervention opened up at the Post-porno Marathon (Macba, 2003).

The programme consists of a seminar comparing critical discourses and strategies, a series of DIY porn production and experimentation workshops (with Shu Lea Cheang, María Llopis & PostOp) and a performance event.

Wednesday, 2nd of July
-19:00 Presentation of the seminar by B. Preciado

-19:30 Beatriz Preciado. Pornography, bio-politics and the production of subaltern subjectivities
-20:30 Tristan Taormino. A history of queer and underground porn

Thursday, 3rd of July
-19:00 Presentation of works and debate with: Orgia, PostOp, Maria Llopis and Medeak.
-20:30 Presentation of works and debate with: Black Sun Productions, Alex Brahim & Javier Sáez
WORKSHOP: We’re all porno Stars. Searching for new forms of pornographic representation. By the PostOp collective

Friday, 4th of July
-18:30 Presentation of the book by Eugeni Rodríguez, De los derechos a las libertades: una historia política del movimiento glbt en Catalunya (Fagc 1986-2006). By the author in person along with Itziar Ziga.

-19:00 Del Lagrace Volcano. Redefining visual pleasures: photography and queer politics
-20:00 Itziar Ziga. Becoming a bitch
-21:00 ORGIA. Subversive flori-culture- Performance
Hard Core Punk. Post-porn workshop, D.I.Y. practices and feminism
Run by María Llopis

Saturday, 5th of July
-16:00-19:00 and live screening during the soirée. Testing the Limits. By Shu Lea Cheang
-20:00 Annie Sprinkle & Elizabeth Stephens: Feminism and pornography. Performance/Presentation of their works
-22:00 Shue Lea Cheang (Workshop/live performance)

Performances by:
Nadege Piton & Lazlo Pearlman: Mle Violette & Mr Huître
The porn-Terrorist
Black Sun Productions

Music by
lolito poWer (post-punk industrial & break-core)
Workshop registration

Applications to attend the workshops shall be sent by e-mail to Arteleku, before 25th of Juny 2008. Applicants shall send the attached registration form, CV and a letter setting out the reasons why they want to attend, together with any other material that the applicant considers to be relevant.

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