Facilities include a well-stocked documentation centre specialising in contemporary art, multimedia rooms, areas available on short-term loan and production workshops to adapt to the increasingly diverse needs of today's artists.

Local and international artists and anyone interested in extending their knowledge of art and contemporary creation, will find a professional structure of support and a physical space in which to work, investigate and exhibit. 

With an important interdisciplinary schedule of activities, Arteleku can act as an observatory on emerging trends, through projects (self-produced or created in collaboration with others) theme courses, workshops and seminars run by specialist technicians, exhibitions and actions coordinated by guest artists.

Another of Arteleku's undertakings involves dissemination and communication. Examples include Zehar, the art and opinion magazine and the centre’s website which as well as providing news and views, also provides a space for digital production.


Dokumentu Akzioak
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