Tresnak::Tools{07 – Digital Manufacturing: “Repeat. Transform. Parametrize.”
oct 17, 2012 - oct 19, 2012

Tresnak::Tools{07 – Digital Manufacturing: “Repeat. Transform. Parametrize.”


17,18 &19 October
Abelardo Gil-Fournier, Pello Mitxelena
Number of participants: 14
Registration deadline: 15 October.
Please send your personal details and CV



The Tresnak::Tools workshops are introductory sessions approaching the new technologies for their subsequent application in the creative and artistic arena.  These workshops will provide brief introductions to different software and hardware tools. This session will be an introduction to creating modular objects using parametric design.


    In fields such as architecture or design, parameters describe and quantify constrictions and configurations that characterise a system. Parameterizing an object or a structure is thus to convert those parameters into variables and analyse the changes that their variations in a specified range have on the whole.


    Yet parametric design can also be taken to be the incorporation of logical descriptions of the processes involved to conceptualise and produce objects, systems and structures. This means moving the creative question of the form to the process and working around its factors at play: the rules, relations and time.


    From this perspective, design gives the physical objects the capacity to be vessels for code and information, and to thus be able to acquire unexpected systematic, relational or emerging properties. 


    The workshop thus seeks to showcase the creation of parametric forms and systems to artists, designers and architects.  The proposed exercise is therefore to create and print objects – created using the parametric design paradigm – that can be configured within a modular system.


    We will use Processing to explore the variations of the forms of the objects through parameters. They will then be printed using Reprap low-cost 3D printers. Prior knowledge of processing is not essential, but is recommended.


    The workshop is aimed at artists, particularly sculptors, programmers, creative artists, engineers and digital manufacturing enthusiasts.


Abelardo Gil-Fournier is a physicist and works as an artist and lecture in the field of creative programming and collective production. He is a founding partner of, a company dedicated to disseminating free technologies and open digital manufacturing.


Pello Mitxelena graduated with a Degree in Fine Arts, specialising in Sculpture, from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU), where he is currently a lecturer on the Degree in Art course and supervises projects on the Degree in Creation and Design. For many years, he has been a member of a discussion group on the teaching of the art, where sculpture is considered as a means to tackle issues such as representation and techniques, symbolisation and form or discourse and image.


Wednesday 17

17.00: Introduction to Digital Manufacturing

19.00: Screening of the “Hello World!: Processing” documentary

Thursday 18

10.00 -11.00: Welcome and breakfast

11.00 -14.00: Introduction and presentations.

16.00 – 20.00: Workshop

Friday 19


10.00 – 14.00: Workshop

16.00 – 20.00: Workshop


Attendance at the sessions on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning is not compulsory but is recommended


    *The image is of “Dodecahedron sculpture” by Gerard Caris


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