You must have an artistic project to be able to use the workshop. You will then have to submit the project in a dossier to the workshop manager (Nerea Lopez). serigrafia@arteleku.net

            The first work sessions should coincide with the times when the manager is on duty. Each user may set their own schedule and collect the key from the secretary’s office once it has been established that they know how to use the workshop and the material in the appropriate way. Checks are also carried out of the users working in the workshop.

            With regard to material, Arteleku will provide the machinery, screens, scrapers and rakes, products to recover and clean the screens and basic tools (rules, scissors, etc.). Each user will have to bring their own emulsion, inks and printing medium (including paper).

            The workshop and the material used must be left clean and tidy at the end of each session. Therefore, each user will be the workshop manager when working there.

            Each user shall be responsible for removing the rubbish that they generate, in other words, the tins of ink and emulsion and the cloths with solvent and ink cannot be left in Arteleku.  Therefore, each user shall undertake to take them to the recycling centre. (Due to their high level of toxicity, they cannot be thrown in the rubbish).

            Finally, graphic documentation must be provided of the works produced in the workshop to the manager in order to prepare a report.

            Failure to respect these rules will result in the individual being refused use of the workshop. 

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