Mapa#01: Strange Film
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jun 07, 2010 - jun 11, 2010

Mapa#01: Strange Film


Coordination: MAPA – Tamara García, Víctor Iriarte, Sabrina Romero, Izibene Oñederra

Guest speakers: Gonzalo de Pedro, Andrés Duque, Laboratorium, Mursego, Begoña del Teso

Date: 7 - 11 June

Times: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Deadline for registration: 2 June. Please send your details to a

The group MAPA presents a panorama view of the audio-visual scene of our times: an initial encounter to learn how audiovisual groups work, view peripheral production and talk to the film-makers: from individual cinema to group cinema by way of programmers, festivals and new platforms for dissemination. "Getting down to it", experimenting without worrying about production limits or perfect endings.
Five days of screenings and lectures, centring on one very simple question: "What is this?"... This is a movie.



7 June

10 am - 1 pm Gonzalo de Pedro I
4 pm - 6 pm Ti Taim*
6 pm - 8 pm Gonzalo de Pedro II

Gonzalo de Pedro is the schedule Coordinator of the Pamplona Punto de Vista Festival, a member of Cahiers du Cinema Spain and a director experimental film.
Screening of his work and lecture on the “scum film-maker”. The unbearable story of strange film. A random, haphazard look back on that punk, cheap, uncomfortable, ugly or directly anti-cinematographic cinema that flourished like weeds, where other flowers failed to grow. Long live the ugly.


8 June

10 am - 1 pm Andrés Duque I
4 pm - 6 pm Ti Taim*
6 pm - 8 pm Andrés Duque II

Andrés Duque makes portrait-films with his camera: from Iván Zulueta in Ivan Z to the mysteries of the cabal and the secret in Paralelo 10. Screening of his works and lecture Color perro que huye [Fleeing-dog colour]. Lecture-film. Film diary on Barcelona. Free narrative. Notebook. Live cinema at sixty seconds per minute.


9 June

10 am - 1 pm Los Hijos I
4 pm - 6 pm Ti Taim*

6 pm - 8 pm Los Hijos II

Audio-visual group created to experiment with the film form and extend study of the discourse of non-storytelling. Made up of Javier Fernández (1980), Luis López (1981) and Natalia Marín (1982).

Screening of their work and lecture on the materials of Los Materiales. Los Materiales won the Jean Vigo prize for best director at the Pamplona Punto de Vista festival 2010; but is it a film or something else?


10 June

10 am - 2 pm Laboratorium I
4 pm - 6 pm Ti Taim*
6 pm - 7.30 pm Laboratorium II
8 pm - 8.30 pm Laboratorium III + Mursego

Peru Ginard and Laura Ginés are Laboratorium, a micro-factory combining film creation, graphic design and experimental illustration.
Screening of their work and screening-concert Les ales del dimoni + Mursego. Laboratorium manipulate and screen archive material in Super 8. Mursego, the vampire girl, plays the cello, pedal loop, tambourine, vocals and ukulele.


11 June

10 am - 2 pm Begoña Del Teso I
4 pm - 6 pm Ti Taim*
6 pm - 8 pm Begoña Del Teso II

Journalist, traveller, festival-goer, reporter, interviewer and film-maker from the auditorium, from writing, from words. Begoña likes strange film. And riding a Vespa. And wearing leather trousers. And shaving her hair often.
Mapa #01 closes with a one-day session curated by Del Teso, in which anything might happen: an excursion through the San Sebastian underground scene, a visit to an invisible screening room, a look back over the unofficial history of banned celluloid pictures? Film outside film. Film inside us.


*Ti Taim: a delicious black Japanese vinyl tea, a talk without subtitles, as many biscuits to dunk as unanswered flavours and questions... a perfect excuse for sipping strange film.



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