Photography laboratory

Photography Laboratory 
Coordination: Naroa Pérez

The Arteleku photography laboratory deploys four lines of work:

1.- The photography laboratory, processing and developing in black and white.
2.- Photography tutorials
3.- Camaroteca camera-library
4.- Specific workshops, with guest photographers

1.- The Photography Laboratory:

The laboratory can be used by the general public under supervision. If you wish to use the laboratory, you will have to provide a short description of the work that you wish to carry out and have a short meeting with the laboratory supervisor, who will outline the use and rules of the laboratory.  The rules are basic and you will be denied use of the laboratory if you fail to comply with them. A schedule will be displayed to coordinate the service and where users can sign up to use the laboratory.
Users must keep the laboratory clean and tidy.

2.- Photography tutorials

The tutorial sessions will provide advice and support for the users to work on their artistic project.

3.- Camaroteka

The Camaroteka is a camera-library of 35 mm analogue cameras that can be used by Arteleku laboratory users. .

4.- Workshops with guest photographers.

Two photography workshops will be programmed this year. One of the workshops run by Oscar Molina, a photographer specialising in the creative process, in its tricks and in its stages, will be held in October.  In December, Eduardo Momeñe will run a second workshop that will delve further into the history and process of photography and its language.

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