Performance, Mårten Spångberg: Can You Hear San Sebastian?

The idea is to think art, intervention and city but somehow in reverse - and of course mixed with talks, lectures, tasks, art making and thinking together. But something like this. Conventionally the artist/interventionist sits in the office/studio and plans a work, rehearses if needed, and then goes into the city and does one or other thing.

If the situation is longterm it of course common to engage in communities, especially marginal ones or with people in need. This is all great but I have been thinking of how one could change the protocol around somewhat, if for nothing else to risk something, and for other reasons to spend more time in the city rather than in the enclosed artistic space, production centre. Preliminary the idea is to make a dance performance, a choreographic work, but to produce it entirely in or in strong connection with the city.The performance and process will not deal with anything else, but with the city or city in general, what is a city today and how do we use it, but the basic idea is a choreographic spectacle. So when we have worked for two weeks in the city we end the event with going to Arteleku and we do the piece.

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