"The Photographic Vision" Towards Understanding the Photographic Medium
dic 17, 2012 - oct 19, 2012

"The Photographic Vision" Towards Understanding the Photographic Medium

Coordination: Naroa Peréz
Run by:
Eduardo Momeñe
17 – 19 December
11.00h - 13.30h / 16.00h – 19.30h
Registration deadline: 10 December.
Please send your personal details and CV to info@arteleku.net.


The Photographic Vision is a workshop for artists that use photography as a means of expression and to create.  The workshop will take you through the history of photography, analysing the different stages, along with the work of leading photographers and other cultural references, in order to create our own photographic language and structure.  The creation of photographic images with an aesthetic focus will be analysed and also from the perspective of other artistic disciplines including painting, films and literature.

The Photographic Vision is not a workshop for speculation or abstract reflection about photography, but rather an attempt to understand the photography medium so that our photographs are more conscious and therefore more intelligent. Our photography training is the basis of our photography, of our capacity to obtain sounder images.


Eduardo Momeñe

is a photographer and has written numerous articles and essays on photographic aesthetics, even though teaching photography has played a fundamental role in his way of understanding photographic creation. He has taught many courses, workshops and seminars and his pupils include well-known photographers. Projects of the ilk of La Puerta Abierta television series or the Fotografías magazine, during the 1990s, are considered as flagship works in the dissemination of Photography, with a capital P, in our country.

His latest publication, La Visión Fotográfica, Curso de fotografía para jóvenes fotógrafos [“The Photographic Vision, Photography Course for Young Photographers”], which is now in its 5th edition, is the starting point for this workshop.

His photographs are part of the private and public collections and they have been exhibited in galleries and institutions in different countries since the 1970s.

From his studio in Madrid, he has produced portrait, illustration and fashion photographs for magazines including Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, AD or Style.

He is currently working on the photographs for a new exhibition, on a new book on photography and on a documentary video about Europe.



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